toe topiary snow


toe topiary snow  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m z  )

toe topiary snow & taps of tank

i talk in the chalk to squawk the plank

& feather the pox

to flock the socks

as antelopes asp & flask the flank

glue gooseberry goose & guns of ghee

i wax in the wing to ox the sea

& candle the copse

to frog the box

as otters odd socks in bumble's bee

row rosemary rose & ghosts of yon

i spore in the tor to dangle don

& freckle the docks

to spot the frocks

as raspberries rasp in bramble's swan

ale apiary ape & bursts of dearth

i blink in the sun to gurn its girth

& fuzzle the fox

to hop the clocks

as pebbles sell shells & cress the earth



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