focus crocus


focus crocus  (  a  f u c k i n ‘ p o e m  )

swans upon a maritime

winter songs & bombardiers

tingles in the fingertips

canters on & cavaliers

midas in the minus signs

mutant ears & mutineers

fission in the fish 'n' chips

saddle wax & souvenirs

serpents in the serpentine

liquorice & lunar years

attics in the lunatics

apple pips & racketeers

farmers in the frankenstein

garden sheds & belvederes

dangles in the candlesticks

bits of lists & brigadiers

bubbles in the battle line

leather clogs & gondoliers

squinter in the intermix

fiddlesticks & middle ears

water in the summer wine

ninja kicks & ginger blear

mortar in the building bricks

fester in the yesteryear

lepers in the lemon thyme

fisheries & fiscal years

supper in the scuppered ships

needles in the stratosphere

pants upon a pantomime

stagger on & volunteers

badgers in the bag o'tricks

babble on & persevere



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