pigeons in holes


pigeons in holes  (  t h e  p o e m  )

badgers in gaps & bats in babbles

battles in scraps with ants in pants

ladders the asp that bit the apple

rabble's the rants & flap's dance

teasels in wheeze & fleas in weasels

measles in bumps & mumps in scrapes

easel's the crane that frames the eagle

scupper's the breeze & scrape's the apes

phantoms in hands & bands in marches

carpets in flight with pigs in spins

cannon's the kite that strikes the arches

fathom's the nail & tail's the pin

pigeons in holes & voles in pockets

squinter in lieu with shrews in shoes

whisper's the mole that stole the docket

simmer's the fog & hob's the spew



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