in the quiche of the flanned


in the quiche of the flanned  (  a  p o e t r y  )

as the dust musts the scroll

& the ape gaits the land

as the gnat flaps the wing

in the sink of the sand

as the fish swish the shoal

& the brush hairs the hand

as the clouds crown the king

in the crash of the land

as the daze may the pole

& the spell swells the gland

as the ale nips the sting

in the shell of the clammed

as the spool fools the shoal

& the worm squirms the canned

as the zing ping the ding

in the shat of the fanned

as the eye spies the mole

& the man words the hanged

as the on songs the sing

in the brass of the band

as the heap slags the coal

& the teeth skin the tanned

as the shoe spews the string

in the ham of the drammed

as the shrew tames the vole

& the bus trains the trammed

as the bird blues the spring

in the horn of the rammed

as the tree oaks the knoll

& the ham slams the drammed

as the stone throes the fling

in the quiche of the flanned

( ! )



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