big bastard coat


big bastard coat  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

weather's fluster, fountain's pen

feather's duster, mountain's men

augur's hawker, water's wren

wading neath the eaves

speckle's leopard, saddle's wax

freckle's shepherd, baffle's axe

bladder's ladder - parallax

weevil in the weave

prickle's onion, bumble's bees

pickle's bunion, stumble's knees

dudgeon's dungeon - dungarees

butter bean the breeze

river's otter, adder's puff

titter's totter, clatter's ruff

patter's pastor - splatter's stuff

haversack the heaves

swelter's welder, coddle's eggs

skelter's helter, cobble's webs

nozzle's schnozzle - wobble's head

bobbing on the seas

rabble's raven, apple's pips

babble's station, battle's ships

basin's maiden - bag o'tricks

lurk up thursday's sleeve



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