months of sundries


months of sundries  (  a  p o e m  )

months of sundries, mumps & measles

stumps of gum tree, nuts & needles

ninjas in the

ginger limber

monks of monkeys, spins & steeples

flecks of echoes, legs & embers

becks of meadows, fens & feathers

thunder in the

thimble finger

heads of hedgerows, sedge & heather

crumbs of jumble, dance & dangles

thumbs of rumble, ants & wrangles

prussians in the

russian squinter

tongues of turnips, bats & brambles

flaps of attic, doors & portals

cracks of static, claws & causal

glimmer in the

singer's cinder

scraps of traffic, wars & warbles



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