in badger’s tails


in badger’s tails  (  a  p o e m  )

bluster, fluster, butter beans & balm

pictures witch in pattered palms

flapjack, flax seed, saddle wax & yarns

phantom limbs in bantam barns

flipflop, fetlock, feather dust & swine

bristles swill in summer's brine

hilltop, milksop, whinberry & wine

rambles song in tangles twine

crofter, crinkle, hobble hop & oast

shapes of face on twinkle toast

hedgehog, hopscotch, hostelry & host

mumble crumbs of jumble ghost

hedge flux, head fucks, triple dips & dales

tumble tongues in fizzle vales

blackbirds, black jeeps, cavalry & ale

bramble breathes in badger's tails


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