re this poem


re this poem  (  a  p o e m  )

she sieves the wood & sniffs the moss

that snores the floor & drinks the troughs

or sips the dew that frills the fosse

in depths of feb & spews the toss

she crows the stones & walls the wails

that whale the bones & sprawl the dales

or span the land that folks the tails

in ghosts of towns & browns the ale

she voles the vales & scales the hills

that mole the moors & ring the chills

or knells the bells that spell the still

in wisps of sing & spills the quills

she fasts the vast & stings the bee

that wars the wasp & spins the scree

or storms the cup that teas the sea

in dreams of dust & rusts the key

she greens the swards & leafs the hedge

that rows the grow & fogs the sedge

or bogs the sod that sucks the legs

in quacks of ducks & fucks the head

she spits the shit & spurs the penned

that flaps the shat & stirs the blend

or blends the stirs that turns the bend

in drips of ink & then the end



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