the shoots


the shoots  (  a  p r e m a t u r e  s p r i n g  t h i n g  )

songs spin in kettles & whales sing in bones

dales vales in islands & dials ring in tones

sun whirrs in sugar & gales wail in tea

sting clings in nettles & still stirs in stones

ducks quack in rivers & fowl flap in fairs

owls wolf in woodland & howls rouse in hares

scuzz speaks in speckles & buzz snores in bees

fuzz flecks in fettles & lists tick in where's

toes tip in futures & snow drips in drops

flows slip in stupors & flips spit in flops

plod squawks in porpoise & pods scheme in peas

jog sticks in jangles & jan jams the plot

runes spoon in riddles & rhymes worm in roots

mud mucks in middles & slime squirms in boots

beak speaks in squinter & deep sleeps in tree

ships sieve in wander & yonder - the shoots



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