thursday sheet


thursday sheet  (  a  p o e m  f o r  t o d a y  )

over's the woden & under's the causeways

adder's the flapper & ladder's the doorways

panda's the samba & badger's the ballets

warble's the portal & caudal's the thor's daze

gibbon's the britain & ribbon's the may days

quiver's the bittern & shiver's the grey days

kitten's the spittle & midden's the ashtrays

raven's the maiden & waver's the mainstays

ramble's the plodder & fodder's the field days

dangle's the apple & jangle's the keyways

speckle's the kettle & settle's the astray

weevil's the easel & weasel's the leeways

twinkle's the puddle & sunken's the highways

wrinkle's the fuddle & drunken's the childsplay

wanker's the anchor & stagger's the cat's stray

freyja's the frigger & flicker's the friday



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