the fog is flap


the fog is flap  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e m  )

the fog is flap & glen's the fen

that fleck's the speck & sense the sen

the head is nest & peck's the hen

as sing's the spring & wren's the pen

the tread is shell & egg's the on

that rings the bells & spells the gone

the year is beer & blear's the yon

as hog's the hedge & spear's the swan

the flute is flue & flight's the flow

that caws the roar & tugs the tow

the bask is black & night's the glow

as brawn's the morn & dawn's the crow

the ink is finch & glide's the walk

that plods the squab & gobs the squawk

the wood is toots & scoot's the stalk

as spy's the eye & sight's the hawk

the wing is string & pot's the luck

that spills the bills & quacks the cluck

the whirl is pool & spool's the struck

as rain's the thwack & back's the duck

the speak is beak & spin's the spurred

that seeks the seed & spoons the stirred

the ruff is plume & hoot's the slurred

as burst's the merge & blur's the bird



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