radishes & raspberries


radishes & raspberries  (  a  p o e m  )

radishes & raspberries

cabbages & cavalry

horsing on

in snort & swan

canter clops & basketry

freckled specks & friaries

pheasant peck & spidery

phantom scrawls

on tattered walls

in the inns & libraries

twiddle toes & rosemary

ribulose & groceries

ticking lists

in mists of wisp

ants in pants & hosiery

adder tongues & alchemy

ladder rungs & rhapsody

clanging bells

in wells & spells

forest floors & canopies

sunken suns & tumbleweed

drunken nuns & bumblebees

buzzing by

in buzzard skies

bubble burst & summer breeze

colonnades & colonies

orangeade & socrates

scratching heads

& snatching veg

podded peas & broccoli

lemon tea & leprosy

levity & sesame

cracking safes

& smashing plates

eccles cakes & melody

otter toss & blackberries

totters off & tapestries

weaving yarns

in sleeping barns

sneezing stars & galaxies


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