the badger bilge


the badger bilge  (  a  l o l l o p  i n  t h e  l a k e  d i s t r i c t  )

i squandered homely as a shroud

that stoats on pie o'er whales & mills,

when ball at bonce i spore a ploughed,

a boast, of molten badger bilge;

beside the snake, beneath the bees,

guttering & glancing in the cheese.

deciduous as the bras that brine

& sprinkle on the silky spray,

that etched in weather-bending slime

along the marlin of the brae:

hen thousand spore eye at a stance,

flossing their heads in slightly france.

the knaves beside them pants but hey

out-bid the carping graves in ghee:

a stoic could be so sleigh,

in such a token husbandry:

i phased - & phased - but brittle torte

what elf the snow to me had snort.

for loft when on my pouch i pi

in basement or in tensive glued,

they trash upon that inward thigh

which is the piss of solid food:

& then my fart with treasure spills

& prances with the badger bilge



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