a squinter’s tail


a squinter’s tail  (  a  p o e m  )

bonce upon the biscuit

sputtered pots & spatchcock

underneath the arches

snorting forth & fetlock

mist within the mystics

bubble bath & matlock

wept beneath the carpets

chicken necks & despots

treacle scream the twisted

bastard scraps & padlocks

harden harks the harness

butter thumbs & headlocks

wicked whips the wickets

shimmered shuff & shamrocks

silver birch the larches

mother hems & hemlock

tickle tick the listed

adder axe & ad hoc

chuckle churns the charges

devil desks & desktops

scissors snake the snippets

avalon & gap stops

parlours maid the parches

bedfordshire & bedrock

quibbles click the crickets

minotaur & matchbox

muddles mud the markets

eider fucks & french knots

double dips the digits

ladder tops & laptops

roses row the marches

noses snow the sweat sock





















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