night-writes  (  a  l i s t  t h a t  r h y m e s  )

slime on walls & mucus trails

vagrant slugs & pavement snails

distant hoots & sliding scales

phantom trains & rattled rails

thundered thumbs & trembled knees

staggered earth & stagnant trees

screeching owls & dreaming cheese

shapes of plough & pleiades

chattered lips & battered flaps

skittled slips & hidden traps

stubbing toes & dripping taps

cobbled webs & riddled gaps

whittled wisps & blackened roads

twiddled nose & warbled toads

borders crossed & shifting loads

shattered glass & silent codes

siren song & shuffled skies

muffled that's & fireflies

scattered cats & shining eyes

car alarms & lunar highs

sunken suns & sputtered sparks

headless monks & badger barks

spectral nuns & absent larks

sprinkled stars & splattered dark


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