spots ‘n’ specks


spots ‘n’ specks  (  r h y m e s  f r o m  m y  m i n d  )

broth in coughs of sputtered pots & wrings of chicken necks

hedge in bets of brambled knots & heads of scrambled legs

glass in cracks of warning shots & swarms of pigeon pecks

weird in beards of stubble cross & flops of fuddled flex

shoe in scuffs of muddled socks & ruffs of ruffled vests

shrew in trews of office blocks & scraps of tattered guess

swill in mills of dental floss & drops of winter sweat

spit in drips of kitten pox & ships of whipping wrecks

bird in flocks of shepherd's frocks & words of fuddled mess

ant in pants of hobbled hops & spats of scumbled flecks

dance in rants of attic rocks & lofts of what the hex

stone in stoats of riddled fox & jerks of jumbled jets

key in curls of golden locks & swirls of treasured chests

tree in twirls of y'olden copse & trips of trickled steps

beam in bumps of stomach flops & streams of stuttered mess

spawn in haunts of water clocks & spurts of spots 'n' specks




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