as stoat as stone


as stoat as stone  (  m y  r h y m e s  a r e  o d d e r  t h a n  y o u r s  )

as stoat as stone

or otter spew

or pins of pricks

or cockatoos

as march as larch

or marble arch

or timbuktu

in tennis shoes

as speck as peck

or kangaroos

or mustard gas

or kangaroos

as musk as dusk

or badger barks

or werewolf pants

in kathmandu

as shell as egg

or salmon screws

or petrichor

or prussian glue

as stag as legs

or listless larks

or ninja imps

in interludes

as lathe as knave

or caribou

or cannibals

their avenue

as frog as spots

or tiger sharks

four moo eye ooze

& shite the shrew




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