spinning mids


spinning mids  (  m i d – n o v e m b e r t i d e  f a r e  )

the middle moths in squibbing squids

of riddled dots & chipping fish

as lepers leap the speckled trout

& weasels toss the whipping ships

the puddles traipse in dripping trips

of fuddled snakes & hissing fits

as spinsters spank the roundabout

& lizards lick the flipping lids

the nozzles nose in sniffing whiffs

of mottled rose & kicking pricks

as werewolves scare the thereabouts

& even weaves the knitting scripts

the sprinkles spry in singing skips

of wrinkled sighs & stinging quips

as dowsers doubt the sauerkraut

& trousers rouse the slipping grips

the noodles ooze in skidding skids

of poodle spew & swishing swish

as hurdles churn the turnabout

& fiddlerts frig the giving figs

the jumbles jam in shitting bricks

of mumbled span & sticking ribs

as winter warms the summerhouse

& autumn spawns the spinning mids



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