some call it autumn


some call it autumn  (  s o u n d  o v e r  s e n s e  i n  1 6  l i n e s  )

pastures pop the masterstrokes & chickens pox the coop

answers bop the antelopes & thicken broths the soup

tossers frock the opera cloaks & totters clog the boots

salad tops the ballad notes & fetters slop the sloop

letters speak the envelopes & lepers leap the loop

bubbles squeak the saddle soap & splinters eek the group

uncles seek the antidote & raptors sweep the swoop

easels clean the weasel throats & flutters sweet the flute

rifles link the cycle spokes & idylls chin the chute

trifles dim the idle folk & riddles wink the newt

wobbles spin the fiddled oak & gobbles swim the gloop

spirals sink the over-dotes & wrinkles sync the droop

scuffles scrape the after-notes & passion fakes the fruit

pressure plates the pleasure boats & tractors ape the troupe

terror shakes the horoscopes & laughter wakes the mute

muffles cape the duffel coat & nincom napes the poop




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