trudge in the dithers


trudge in the dithers  (  o n e  f o r  t h e  l i s t e r s  )

trudge in the dithers & leaves in the line

fudge in the rivers & keys in the sign

cats in the whiskers & rats in the wine

nudge in the triggers & trees in the pine

kicks in the scissors & bales in the twine

sticks in the zippers & dales in the brine

stars in the sisters & baas in the swine

twists in the knickers & snails in the slime

quacks in the dippers & hums in the chime

flaps in the flickers & sun in the shine

sting in the blisters & swing in the vine

cracks in the mirrors & spun in the spine

ales in the bitters & mist in the clime

whales in the whispers & whips in the nine

dogs in the dinners & grog in the grime

tails in the titters & lists in the rhyme




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