teeters in the treehouse


teeters in the treehouse  (  a  p o e m  f o r  w e d n e s d a y ‘ s  a n k l e s  )

peepers shawl the seesaw

letters sprawl the espouse

lepers scare the seashore

weasels in the warehouse

hokey pokes the jigsaw

cokey gropes the in-outs

ropy rides the rickshaw

lizards in the lighthouse

colliers bowl the coleslaw

waltzes sway the j. strauss

pipers pipe the what-for

tigers in the doghouse

buggers beg the bedstraw

portals yawn the dormouse

beavers bee the buzzsaw

dawdles in the courthouse

spindles spin the folklore

thimbles thumb the head louse

gargles sing the barn door

marbles in the farmhouse

hoofers clove the cold sore

roofers speck the red grouse

sneezes seize the centaur

breezes in the schoolhouse

ruffles rile the wild boar

brussels spouts the green sprouts

dowsers doubt the outlaws

weevils in the greenhouse

nozzles spray the eyesore

wobbles sway the tea spouts

piffle whiffs the encore

teeters in the treehouse



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