technique & out the other one


technique & out the other one  (  s o m e  b o l l o c k s  f o r  s u n d a y  )

prance a dance of drizzle drool & piddle in the know

scan the vast of minuscule & trickle as you go

spit the pith of citrus peel & wriggle in the cracks

ape the rain of april fools & riddle as she flows

seek the geese of golden ghouls & twinkle in the know

sheep the fleece of y'olden yules & crystal in the snow

shit the rig of naval reels & jiggle in the black

pace the roll of molecules & fiddle in the fro

cite the ropes of sewing schools & tickles in the nose

fight the might of motor pools & quibbles in the though

hit the mist of whirls 'n' wheels & ripple in the slack

race the chase of muddled mules & fuddle as the crow

yarn the barns of ridicule & spindle in the so

farm the flux of ducking stools & thimble in the gloam

piss the risk of overrule & whistle in the flack

lace the licks of spittle spool & scribble in the glow



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