other things & other otters


other things & other otters (  f o r  b u b b l e w r a p  &  j o s e p h  o f  a r i m a t h e a  )

oh cannon balls & camel fodder

flotsam floss & frothing slobber

caterwauls & salad tossers

cannon balls & camel fodder

oh roman roams & woven tossers

spittle pits & piffle potters

flotsam floss & office rockers

roman roams & woven tossers

oh pigeon socks & flaxen squatters

klaxon blasts & wanton bother

smidgen spots & saxon bloggers

pigeon socks & flaxen squatters

oh other things & other otters

rubber rings & tittle totters

riddles sings & cobbles clobber

other things & other otters



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