cabbage the passage


cabbage the passage  (  a  p o e m  f o r  a  f r i d a y  )

puddle the punches & upper the cuts

sputter the lunches & supper the crust

muddle the bunches & buckle the clue

huddle the hunches & headbutt the bust

wobble the goggles & foible the nuts

oggle the gobbles & royal the flush

nobble the squabbles & cuckoo the shrew

pommel the cobbles & joyful the rust

wiggle the wriggles & piddle the pus

jiggle the fiddles & spittle the gusts

pickle the ripples & scribble the skew

nipple the middle & tickle the true

paddle the branches & channel the chuff

dangle the dances & battle the brush

addle the axis & saddle the spew

cabbage the passage & adage the the dust


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