twitch-craft  (  a  p o e m  )

cotton buds & grapple fumbles

brandy snaps the apple crumble

stormy cups & pickled peppers

uppercut the prickled weather

monkey spunk & tundra jungles

hairy hands on bandy trundles

fairy notes & doting headers

cheesy dreams of floating cheddar

belly flops & stomach rumbles

bullish bees be killer bumbles

otter toss & fishy netters

sheepish wolves in woollen sweaters

shattered glass & nackered tumbles

ladders step the wrangled rundles

sinking ships & winking beggars

spiders style the kitchen dressers

speckled specks & muffled scumbles

total scums the smoking funnels

chicken necks & homely wreckers

credit checks for stony steppers

pissing gist & misty jumbles

pigeons spit in mustn't grumbles

kitten spit & woven feathers

christening this open letter



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