dawn socks


dawn socks  (  a n o t h e r  s t a b  i n  t h e  d a f t  )

blackbirds stir the rooster

windmills spurn the rumours

rivers spin in dazzles

tudors mock computers

bandstands blast the future

pupils swat the tutor

bakers roll the barrel

coopers toot their scooters

drunkards flop in stupours

curtains spot the snoopers

jackals rasp a cackle

jewellers loop the hoopla

grocers pea the shooters

tranquil seas the lunar

goslings goose the gabble

losers shaft the super

gibbons gob the goober

dragons snap the ruler

humble stumps the camel

boosters boot the troopers

penguins dress the suitors

gubbins floods the sewers

tossers pop the prattle

welcome to the future



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