bobbing balls & rubber nuts


bobbing balls & rubber nuts  (  a  p o e t r y  o f  p o e t r y  )

bobbing balls & rubber nuts

tossing squalls & sputtered dust

soggy flops & nimble limbs

mimicking the herons strut

otter pops & adder puffs

jotter toss & badger musk

phantom hands & fingertips

tickling the bristled brush

clouded spouts & muffled hush

shrouded doubts & bustled guts

bingo wings & limbo lands

sandwiching the upper crust

scissor kicks & paper cuts

in a bit & vapour flux

songs of wars & bronzen dawns

warbling the morning thrush

sneezing peas & creeping gusts

bleeding keys & weeping slush

crossing tees & spotting dots

watching clocks to stop the rush

weather then & muddled ducks

feather friends & ruffled tufts

twiddle toes & on she goes

poetry's a fucking slut




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