backendish  (  a  p o e m  )

the wind's a prat - it's nicked my hat

as icecaps kiss my chin

the hills have chilled as ink is spilled

& oh, the needles pin

the head's a hedge- the queen is toast

& so the signets sing

of blackened swans & avalon

as daylight fights this grim

the green dies here yet stalls the blear

as weasels wink & grin

i think of spring & lambs with wings

then long-lost evil twins

the swifts have fled - they've hit the south

& now the spiders spin

their silken traps - the end is back

so let that grim begin

( ! )


author notes

this one is definitely work-in-progress for me

the flow's a bit off in places & some lines aint right

but that'll do for now


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