& kitten spit


& kitten spit ( a poetry of poemz )

woven webs & closely knit

tapestries & throwing fits

hammer toss & hypocrites

rusty dust & sewing kits

freckled specks & letters writ

thinking tanks & messerschmitts

monkey brains & lizard tricks

chicken clucks & cocky pits

fruity bowls & bolshevicks

blooming moons & lolly licks

hoi poloi & politics

posy prose & lunatics

weasel eyes & scissor kicks

crinkle cuts & microchips

steamy lots & icy picks

daily dumps & fibre bricks

misty moths & candlesticks

donkey traps & carrot sticks

elbow glows & rosy hips

wanker whales & bailiwicks

hairy pears & apple pips

rubber ducks & battleships

what the fucks? & badger shit

bits of lists & kitten spit



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