puddle punches


puddle punches ( a poem )

parrot sick & paradiddles

carrot tints & raspy whistles

knotted vests & strings of fiddles

drunken monks & hammered sickles

flapping bats & river ripples

sticky facts & squiffy squiggles

shitting bricks & specks of fizzles

flying wolves & lying sybils

curtain notes & nosy sniffles

ropy jokes & throaty tickles

coughing frogs & toes of twiddle

kitten spit & badger bristles

falling slates & morning giggles

monkey nuts & brittle crystals

muddle pox & pots of piddle

dribbled piss & piggish pistols

itchy arse & jars of prickles

bramble jam & fields of thistles

tartan paint & streams of trickles

felling trees & toppled skittles

silky webs & squiffy scribbles

scrumpy scraps & itchy nipples

patchy plods & legs of jiggle

pickled eggs & fucking riddles


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