& ampersands


& ampersands ( a poem for a sunny saturday in late octavian )

summer sputtered somersaults

sugar dusted nuts 'n' bolts

wonky woodland fairylands

ginger ninja hairy hands

weather peppered pillared salts

river rippled pissing vaults

apple pipping contraband

atom-splitting one man bands

snappy-raspy rusty bolts

neatly sinking double malts

cotton cloudy high command

drowning frowning firebrands

pistol whitsun triggered jolts

gravy shocking stocking volts

whittled witless witness stands

grainy fading sinking sand

spewing carrot thunderbolts

open casting miner faults

wrestled restless reprimands

spooning tuning music stands

ever churning swirling waltz

pheasant peasant bird revolts

pensive pencil rubber bands

monkey maps & ampersands


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