fragments of tangents


fragments of tangents ( a poem for a shit shaturday )

titters of slippage & slippery traps

ripples of rivets & gristly grass

crackles of castles & splintery trees

ambles in brambles they tangle my knees

whistles of whispers & fishery flaps

tinkles of sprinkles & fidgety bats

pistols of pickles & prickly seas

thistles & crystals they christen the breeze

blisters of missives & mystery naps

nipples of quibbles & canopy thatch

wobbles of nobbles & novelty skis

mumbles in jungles they jumble my sneeze

dribbles of riddles & drizzly rats

trickles of fickle & fiddly facts

dwindles of spindles & shimmery keys

fragments of tangents they glisten to me


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