a surfeit of lampshades


p o e t r y  ( 17 line read )

cheapskate poundland paper - bland & blank as snow

kisses shit & tight ink - black as murdered crows

elsewhere swans sing backwards - spits of feathered songs

as dream streams creep upstream - upwards then we row

time to meet thy maker - itch & twiddle toes

slice & dice an onion - briskly knead that dough

bang a foolish gold gong - prance & act that one

wake the ghosts for breakfast when those garden grow

bastard scraps & capers - scarpered as me flow

stick to myths & hearsay - not what folk may know

salmon leap for wisdom - avalon & on

quibbles pose as scribbles - squits of so & so

fruits of vaguely labour - flighty quill winds blow

barley mows & cobwebs - watch them as they glow

write some wrongs etc. where they should belong

as the rain pours buckets

fuck it, here we go


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