august a chorus


august a chorus  (  surohc a tsugua  )


dust is a feather

flutters ‘n’ fleeting

rust is the tether

the deign of the done


laugh is a ladder

adders ‘n’ weeping

ink in the bladder

a snail on the run


salad’s a tosser

weasels ‘n’ weaving

cannons ‘n’ fodder

the kiss of a nun


pied is the piper

drummers ‘n’ beating

time is a tiger

the cream in y’ bun


scrawl is a trooper

easter is sleeping

shoot the computer

a laser, a gun


dawn is a walrus

even is creeping

august a chorus

& fade with the sun





modern history


modern history  (  a sprawl, not a poem  )

yesterday i asked a modern historian – what sank the titanic? & he-she-they told me that the titanic sank because of corona. everyone onboard & the ship itself had corona. plus the iceberg that the titanic crashed into was probably just a massive frozen chunk of corona. lying in wait, like a kiddy fiddler in a botanical garden, disguised as a venus flytrap – waiting for a coach load of children from a special school or something …

anyways … he-she-they then proceeded to tell me that there’s no way salieri could have killed mozart. wolfgang died of corona. like jfk, julius caesar & olaf palme – who were all assassinated by corona. plus here’s a handy rhyme for remembering the fates of henry viii’s wives … corona, corona, corona, corona, corona, corona … which to be fair was quite catchy – though i preferred the original. but this is the cut of twenty twenty’s jib, folks – & yes, the death toll keeps on rising. so stay safe & wear that mask or you too will be modern history. as per the new-normalzzzzzzz

thanks for reading


brussel sprout ode


brussel sprout ode  (  edo tuorps lessurb  )

fruit of the belgians

toots in the garden

guffing & pardon

sprouting about

gas of the grocer

dancing with onions

singing with chillies

- stews or a curry

- hark, in the darkness

swans beyond christmas

sort of a friend or

a hot water bottle

truffle of brussels

salt of the smurf's earth

sauté with chestnuts

so a concerto

pop blows the weasel

bubbles are squeaking

playing me anus

swinging with monkeys

cabbage of winter

green is the evening

guzzle & trumpet

- brassica's brass



phrygian leas


phrygian leas  (  sael naigyrhp  )

phrygian leas

spawn of a morning

autumn is calling

hymns on the breeze

hymns on the breeze

fog in the mizzle

plod in the drizzle

wander with these

wander with these

songs in the noggin

follow the goblin

into the trees

into the trees

grasses & rambles

bracken & brambles

jangles of keys

jangles of keys

phantoms & clover

spring in a coma

sputters of bees

sputters of bees

suppers in cauldrons

yonder & golden

colder & sneeze

colder & snaeeze

warmer & chasing

soldiers are pacing

storms from the seas

storms from the seas

umbrella weather

shades of avesta

phrygian leas



magnetic love


magnetic love  (  a  p o e m  )

cat clarinet of fan inlets

as leopards leck the lemonade

& rats cassette as lapwings sweat

of shepherd shims & melon maids

sip anisette on parapets

& lick the knave of mayonnaise

dog hovercraft - the hologram

slash parallax in sonic socks

or haversack as mono grams

of candle wax in comet clocks

& badgers axe the anagram

slash agar man in raven socks

kale cable car in nasal tar

& marble in the marlin's chin

as mitts sitar & tables bra

of alphabets & garden kings

piss papal stars - miss maple car

& bubble wraps of signet rings

pi platypus, the pincer's imp

& prefix in the pine nut pew

eye, tacitus - in kitchen blinks

& trifle in the rifle's glue

as abacus bee blister ink

& lettuce gins of crabs & yew



brief burst a


brief burst a  (   a  r e w r i t e  o f  a n  o l d e r  p o s t  )

as hordes of gnats a force attacks

in adder rasps & water rats

as badgers blast the battleaxe

it's waterfalls & cataracts

then energised & crystalline

three, six & nine in lichtenstein

it's tingle toes & twinkle spine

in thimble flows & triple slime

& batter gongs as spurts furlong

as feathers flap as flight pylons

'til pipers pipe & swans sing songs

& otters gasp as bats hang on

in bubbled squeaks the chorus fades

as muddles hearse & weasels sway

a grey horse plays a cor anglais

for entropy & brief burst a




vitaï lambada


vitaï lambada  (  a  r e – t w e a k  o f  a  y a w n f e s t  )

there's a legless mush in the doze tonight-

wren to rake & the thatch to spin-

a humping bitch & a grinding flight,

an hour to flay & the last flam flim.

& it's not for the hake of a gibboned groat

or the shellfish scope of a demon drain,

but his captain's gland on his smoulder coat-

"pay up! pay up! & spray the dame"

the hand of the dessert is sodom bread,-

bread with the peck of a pear that oak;-

the crackling's clammed & the kernel's shed,

& the sediment's rind with the rust & poke.

the quiver of geoff has skimmed his skanks,

& finland's bra, & donna's a name,

but the choice of a schoolboy alleys stamp;

"pay up! pay up! & spray the dame"

this is the whirled that ear by ear,

while in her thrace the spool is get,

feathery one of her suns must spear,

& nun that spears it blare baguette,

this they sprawl with foible slimed

snare through knife like a porch in spain

& crawling cling to ghost inclined

"pay up! pay up! & spray the dame"



pan-dimensional hedgehogs


pan-dimensional hedgehogs  (  o n e  f o r  t h e m z  c o n n o i s s e u r s  )

pinstriped polka dots

diabetic pepper pots

plum strummed megawatts

centaur barrel rot

badger warbled wobble trots

swan song stopper knots

goose juice booster shots

pigeon portal sputtered pots

whiplash water clocks

spatchcock camelot

camel haddock hammerlock

shotgun scattershot