in a month of sun daze


in a month of sun daze  (  ezad nus fo htnom a ni  )


in a month of sun daze

paper planes & runways

rivers spin the oceans

poetry in potions

puzzles for the monkeys

overgrowth in undies

see the evening chorus

fly upon a walrus

fishes in the thickets

sticklebacks & wickets

eggs within the scrambles

tangles in the brambles

libraries in lockets

feathers in y’ pockets

sandwiches & picnics

double duck & dipsticks

peas in lemon cheeses

breezes in the sneezes

pebbles in y’ gum shoes

as the blither unscrews

scrumping fruity faces

ratatouille races

laser brains & gun rays

in a month of sun daze

– phew



























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