the winter sings


the winter sings  (  sgnis retniw eht  )

the winter sings of crystal crows

& bumblebees in bungalows

a shuffle in a rusted key

the frozen feet of mistletoes

the winter odes of thicker socks

a dust of snow & ships in docks

a sort of door, a storming sea

the stuff of rubber chickenpox

the winter croons of blooming moons

& sunken suns in afternoons

a blowing nose, a pint of tea

a pantomime in pantaloons

the winter wails of whiter dales

a spirogram of phantom's tails

a parsnip in a poplar tree

the rise & thaw, the troughs & scales

the winter trills of trar-luh-lars

the speak of sheep, the bleats & bars

the flock of off & bugger me

the tinsel shit of twinkle stars

a hymn until the onion springs

a crocus croaks & saturn rings

the vernal verse of mumble-dee

a flap of wings - the winter sings



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