the squinter springs


the squinter springs  (  a  p o e m  )


the pincers ping & pinch the sun

as needles ting & winch the spun

the weasels wheeze & kiss the gun

as breezes heave & frisk the nun

the splinters sting & pale the stoat

as duffel huffs & hales the coat

the scuffles scale & sail the boat

as taverns trail & ale the throat

the lingers limb & lick the leas

as whimpers whip & strip the trees

the wizards whisk & twist the frieze

as phantoms faff & slap the knees

the simper spins & sprites the snore

as crystals drift & white the moor

the ripples riff & cite the sore

as auburn dyes & eyes the door

the sphincter sings & squits the ring

as fingers sphynx & flit the fling

the mistle toes & clips the wing

as fizzles grow & sling the swing

the squinter springs & flops the frost

as wanders swan & what the knots

the ponders on & song the lofts

as tossers toss & dot the dots



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